Could this be a silver attack?

So, you are under attack. Could the attacking troops be carrying silver to cap your castle, or is it just an attack to keep your troops pinned down?

Use this tool to work out whether there are sufficient enemy troops to be carrying silver.

Your castle under attack is:

About your attacker (if there is more than one then use details for lowest point attacker), he/she has:

Number of castles:
Number of fortresses:

Is there a land reform on?
This is where castles cost only 50% silver. This is rare but is offered occasionally.

Use the number of troops from the first round - if it has reached the second round then use the total number of troops from the first round (not just the survivers) plus any supporting troops that have just arrived:

How many troops are attacking:

Armoured horsemen:


Why does it matter? Because if the attack doesn't carry silver then you can simply move your troops out - let the attacker steal your resources but otherwise preserve your troops. Get this wrong and you are giving your castle away!