Self Trickle Helper

Self trickling is where you trickle troops to your own castle from that same castle. It works by sending resources to a distant castle and timing it so that those troops return in sequence to self trickle. This tool will help you get those timings right. A four hour (or longer) self trickle in ten minutes is achievable provided you have the troops.

How to use it? Simply put in your castle link, when the attack lands and how many troops you have available. You will then be shown a list of trickle slots and as timing windows open, the castle coordiantes to send resources to.

Time now:
Timing is very important, so DO NOT USE if this is different from the time on your device.

Your castle link:

Attack landing at:

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Country speed bonus: Help

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Number of troops to trickle with: Help


Total number of troops available for trickling (count troops in Arsenal only)Help :

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