Swordsmen are efficient infantry attack units. They use shields for protection when storming enemy castles. Armed with swords, they can inflict fatal damage in melee combat.

Unit: Swordsman


Speed: 13.3 minutes per field
Carrying capacity: 10.0 wood, stone or ore
Unit type:Infantry
Cost: 43 wood
 20 stone
 48 ore
  1 subject
Attack strength
vs artillery: 24
vs infantry: 39
vs cavalry: 57
Defence strength
vs artilery: 12
vs infantry: 25
vs cavalry: 37

Attack and defense can be improved by the following enhancements:

(+5% attack)
(+5% defence)
(+5% defence for infantry)
(+5% defence for artillery)
(+5% defense for cavalry)
(+5% attack for infantry)
(+5% attack for artillery)
(cavalry: +5% attack)
(+5% defence)
(+5% speed)
Fortifications: (defence bonus)